Making Health
More Convenient

To create a future where health is more accessible and easy to obtain
We offer the best products in the form of convenience stores.



“Plant Based, Whole foods”
The idea is to provide
We serve healthy meals.

We deal in plant-based meals that are free of chemical additives.
We deal in raw vegetables and fruits from organic to pesticide-free vegetables.
We offer plant-based (vegan compatible), additive-free, and healthier products from production to purchase products.

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Postal Code 150-0013

Maison 115, 1-15-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

2 min. walk from East Exit of JR Ebisu Station

4-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ebisu Station (Hibiya Line), Exit 1

Business Hours

Weekdays 8:00~21:00 / Closed on Sunday


Allen Miner

Allen Miner, owner of Weller, was inspired by his own illness.

He was deeply impressed by the results of the research, but at the same time, he became aware of the lack of correct information about health for the general public, including himself.

What is considered “normal” in our daily lives may not actually be normal.

For example, it has been said that a healthy diet consists of three meals a day, but the human body has changed over time.
However, as the human body changes with the times

As research progresses, we may be able to find a better way to eat.

We at “WELLER” will not take information for granted, but will verify it thoroughly and update it as we go along.
We at “WELLER” will continue to update and disseminate information on truly healthy food.